Wheaton roof makeover

Astonishing before and after photos of a roof rejuvenated.

No longer will a leaky roof dampen Michael and Kathleen’s spirits during their beloved 4th of July celebrations in the charming town of Wheaton.

Poor ventilation coupled with decades of harsh weather conditions had taken a toll on their roof, resulting in noticeable leaks in the living room and kitchen. “It was an old roof and probably worn out from all those times we let the kids climb up during 4th of July fireworks,” Michael chuckled.

The resourceful couple tried to mitigate the damage by draping a plastic sheet over the most vulnerable section of the roof and placed buckets throughout the house to catch any leaks. Nonetheless, time was of the essence and a more permanent solution was desperately needed.

Kathleen swiftly turned to Google, where she discovered Baltic Roofing and their hundreds of glowing customer reviews. Within days, the expert team of roofing specialists arrived outside their home, ready to assess the situation and get to work.


A brand new roof and gutters would immediately restore this family’s peace of mind and protect their interior from any further leaks.

“You can notice the visual difference right away,” Michael said, delighted with the results.

The new Black Onyx asphalt shingles are the perfect compliment to their elegant white and green exterior. Contrasting white gutters tie everything together while successfully steering rainwater away from their precious home.


With their ventilation issues finally resolved, the family no longer worries about leaks ruining their summer fun.

Michael shared, “The roof looks great. Everybody was topnotch.”


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