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If you’re looking for high-quality roofing in Palos Heights, Illinois, there’s no better choice than Baltic Roofing. Since 2004, we’ve been serving Chicagoland and surrounding neighborhoods like Lemont, Naperville, and Palos Park with the best roofing around.

We’re committed to serving the community by providing excellent craftsmanship in every roofing project. We practice using the most up-to-date roofing techniques in our training facilities — not on your home. That way, you can be sure your roof will stand up to the elements and continue to protect you and your family for many years to come.

Because our office is in nearby Willowbrook, we also have a special attachment to our community. We are constantly finding new ways to give back to the community and help serve our neighbors’ needs.

Beyond that, we know that good customer service is essential when you hire anyone to work on your home. When you hire Baltic Roofing for your next roofing project, you can expect the highest quality roofing delivered with a smile.

Roofing Services in Palos Heights

We’re proud to offer the full spectrum of our roofing services to Palos Heights residents. Whether you need roof repair services, a roof replacement, or new gutters or skylights, our team at Baltic Roofing is here to help.

Residential Roofing

If your roof is coming up on 15-20 years old, or it’s showing visible signs of wear and tear — like curling, broken, or cracked shingles — it might be time for a roof replacement. Our roofing specialists will happily inspect your home, ensure all elements of your roof system are working together well to defend against the elements, remove the old roof, install a new roof that meets the strictest quality standards, and clean up the site behind us. Once we’re done, the only sign we were ever there will be your new, functional and beautiful roof — an investment in your family’s safety and comfort that will last for decades to come.

Roof Repairs

There are plenty of events that can damage part of your roof but not totally destroy it. Our team can do a visual and deep diagnostic inspection to ensure a roof repair will suffice, then complete that repair to the highest standards. We even include a limited warranty on your repair work, because we stand behind our work.

Gutter Installation

Gutters are often overlooked, but the job they do funnelling water away from your home’s foundation is crucial to protecting the integrity of your home (and avoiding more expensive repairs down the road). Whether you need a fully new water management system, or simple repair, we’ve got you covered.

Skylight Replacement

Skylights are a wonderful addition to any home, bringing natural light and additional ventilation to areas that may otherwise be closed off or dark. Today’s skylight technology is better than ever, providing greater energy efficiency while bringing even more light and fresh air into your home. If your skylights are leaking or just outdated, we have a number of high-quality replacement options available.

Hail / Wind Damage Claim Assistance

If extreme weather has damaged your roof, your insurance company may cover some or all of the cost to repair or replace it. We encourage you to reach out to us before calling your insurance company — our experts can do a full inspection and meet with the insurance adjusters to provide step-by-step guidance and support. All this will keep your insurance company accountable, so you don’t feel alone throughout your claim process.

Life in Palos Heights

Palos Heights was originally developed by Robert Bartlet in 1935, with the main goal of bringing more people away from the crowds of Chicago to start a new community. The town was called Harlem Heights at that time due to its proximity to Harlem Avenue. The first homeowners were attracted by the promise of 1/3-acre farm lots, which were much larger and cheaper than most properties available in the city. It was officially incorporated in 1959 due to a strong community desire for public services.

Today, Palos Heights spans nearly 4 miles across Cook county with more than 12,000 people and 9 distinct neighborhoods. It is also home to a station on Metra’s Southwest Service. This makes it easy for families who work in Chicago to commute to work and still enjoy a quiet suburban community at the end of the day.

Schools and Home Life in Palos Heights

Palos Heights has four different school districts to serve its residents. Within that, Alan B. Shepard High School offers an especially wide range of opportunities for students, including advanced placement and robotics classes. Palos Heights is also home to Trinity Christian College, located on the east side of the city.

More than half of Palos Heights’ housing stock was built between 1980 and 1999. These are mostly low-density, suburban, single family homes owned by upper middle class residents. While many of these homes are likely still in good overall condition, some may be in need of a full roof replacement in the coming years due to their age.

About 1/4 of Palos Heights housing stock is made up of low-density, single-family homes built between 1960 and 1979. While some residents in this category are homeowners, there is a high percentage of renters. For the most part, these are lower-cost homes with declining market value. However, some may have historical significance and be eligible for preservation (making them more valuable). Because of this, regular roof maintenance is essential to prevent damage to the older structures—and even more urgent when owners choose to sell.

Things to Do In Palos Heights

While Palos Heights was first created as a rural community for people hoping to get away from the city, there are several fun things to do in town today. The most popular places include:

  • Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens – This beautiful natural area is full of local plants and wildlife, nature trails, and waterfalls. It’s also a hub for many local community events.
  • South Harlem Avenue – Palos Heights’ downtown area includes several restaurants, bars, and local shops for residents and visitors to enjoy. South Harlem Avenue also hosts the Palos Heights Farmers Market on Wednesday mornings.
  • Community Park – This local park features recreation areas for soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball, and disc golf. There is also a walking trail and a playground that’s been newly renovated as of 2022.
  • Palos Heights Fitness Center – This local gym and recreation facility offers two gymnasiums, a 3,000-square-foot fitness center with exercise equipment, personal training, childcare, and free pickleball with a membership.

Palos Heights Weather

Weather in Palos Heights is considered moderately comfortable for a midwestern climate. It rarely gets below 0°F or above 92°F at any point throughout the year. During the summer season (which lasts about four months), the average high is above 74°F with humidity rated as “muggy or worse” about 40% of the time. Winters (which last about three months), have an average low of 19°F with low humidity.

Palos Heights also has slightly more rainfall each year than the national average. Rain in Palos Heights picks up in April and reaches its peak in June. Across the year, rain continues steadily for about seven months until October.

Winters are very dry in Palos Heights, with almost 0% humidity on average for six months out of the year. While winter is the windiest season in Palos Heights, it can be consistently windy in the area for about seven months out of the year. Because of this, roofs in Palos Heights may be especially susceptible to wind damage. It’s important for homeowners in the area to regularly inspect their homes for bent, cracked, or missing shingles so they can make repairs as quickly as possible.

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Here at Baltic Roofing, we’ve worked on many types and styles of residential sloped roof systems. We uphold the highest standards of integrity in everything we do — and it shows in our work and reputation friendly customer service.

At Baltic Roofing, we know that roofing is about both longevity and curb appeal. A well-built roof is an investment that protects your home from weather damage and provides tangible market value to your home as a whole. As locals, we know what roofs in Palos Heights need to remain strong during all seasons. Our roofing professionals are always practicing proper installation and maintenance techniques — all with the goal of providing Palos Heights with the best roofing around.

What Makes Baltic Roofing Different

We strive to provide the best possible experience you’ll ever have with a roofing company. There’s a reason we have a mountain of glowing reviews — we believe in putting the customer first. Your happiness means everything to us, from the first consultation to the final wave goodbye.



Some contractors try to be everything to everyone. At Baltic Roofing, we eat, breathe, and sleep roofing. Still, every day we continue to improve our services and offerings to deliver you the highest quality roofing system. Our work is backed by proven installation processes, manufacturer support, and years of experience.



Statistics show that almost half of new contractors go out of business in their first 2 years and even more in the next 5 years. Baltic Roofing is proud to have been our customers since 2004, and we’re not planning to stop.



No work is good if no one stands behind it. All our work is guaranteed in writing. In rare cases where the customer has an issue with our work, we jump on resolving the issue right away. To us, this is not just good customer service but an opportunity to prove ourselves again.



Your happiness means everything to us, from the first consultation to the final cleanup and inspection. We strongly believe that customer-centricity is a way of doing business that fosters an exceptional customer experience at every stage of the journey.



Every scheduled appointment with Baltic Roofing is an exact time, not a “window.” We plan our travel time conservatively, so we can show up at your house exactly when you expect us. If travel delays us, we will call you and let you know as soon as possible so you don’t stand around waiting.



Roofing is a hands-on job, and accidents do happen. Unlike cheap contractors who avoid paying for insurance, our team at Baltic Roofing is fully licensed and insured. That means worksite accidents are not on you. We carry $1 million workers compensation and $2 million general liability insurance, which is way above the industry average.



We are a proud partner of Owens Corning, a leading roofing brand. As a Preferred Contractor, we have access to the best warranties, training, and materials available in the industry.



Unfortunately, as many as 90 – 95% of all new roofs do not meet installation standards. At Baltic Roofing, we don’t experiment on your home – we practice over and over at our facilities, so we can deliver exceptional roofs to each and every customer.



We believe you deserve the best roofing system, even if it costs more than you originally set aside for it. Want to finance the whole project? That’s why we offer flexible payment options (subject to credit approval), so you can get the roof you need now and pay for it later.



Don’t take our word for it — just read some of the testimonials we’ve received from our customers on many different platforms. From Google to the NextDoor app, our customers speak loud and clear about their experience with Baltic Roofing. And we are proud to hear it!



We’re all about supporting locally owned businesses, just like us. We are easily accessible by phone, responsive to our customers, and we know Chicago area building codes like the back of our hand. We support our neighbors at every stage of the process.



Baltic Roofing is a company built on family and community. We understand that our success is due, in no small part, to those communities. We are constantly finding new ways to give back by lending a helping hand to those who need it most. In fact, in November 2018, Baltic Roofing helped a family in need right in Lemont by providing them with a new roof at no charge.

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If you are not 100% satisfied with the service we provide, we will refund all of your money. If our technicians smoke or swear in your home, do not wear shoe covers, or leave your home without cleaning up after themselves, you won’t pay for the service.


We guarantee that repairs on your roofing system are fixed right the first time. If a repair fails during the first season, we will repair it again at no charge.


We guarantee that the work will be done as we have stated. If you are not 100% satisfied with the work completed, we will repair, modify, or replace what is needed to your satisfaction. This is our promise to you.

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