Baltic Roofing Workers

How our process works

Mike Tyson once said, “We all have a plan until we get punched in the face.” To avoid that, we have created a clear roadmap to help you navigate through your claim process. One thing is for sure – – it is not going to be easy.


We start out with a thorough roof inspection, paying special attention to any indentations, cresses, punctures, rips, and other damages usually caused by hail and wind. At the same time, we evaluate the potential method to repair the roof and prepare a report.


After your roof inspection, we’ll discuss our findings with you in detail and share our 21-Point Storm Damage Report. If we don’t see enough damage where the roof integrity is affected, we’ll honestly tell you that. But if there is enough evidence of storm damage, we may recommend you open the claim with your insurance carrier.


File a claim with your insurance carrier’s claim center. Inform them that Baltic Roofing inspected the roof and found evidence of hail and/or wind damage. After answering their generic questions, make sure to request your claim number and write it down. An assigned adjuster will call you shortly – usually within 72 hours – to schedule an on-site damage assessment.


As much as insurance companies appreciate your business, they often seek to keep their expenditures down. Let them know that you hired Baltic Roofing to assist you with your roof claim. We’ll meet the adjuster on site and inspect the roof together. This will help establish an accurate assessment of the extent of the damages.


As a policyholder, you have a lot of power. In addition to us working with your insurance carrier, we will provide step-by-step guidance and supportive documentation to keep your insurance company accountable, so you don’t feel alone on this unlevel playing field.

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