Downers Grove Roof Replacement

“Better than anything I’ve seen”

New roof and gutters bring peace of mind for today, and added value when it’s time to sell.

Homeowners Henry and Noreen have a growing wish list of renovations for their stately three-story red brick home in Downers Grove. With their top priority accomplished — a brand new roof and gutters — they can now focus on their next endeavor: remodeling the kitchen!

“The roof was the first thing we wanted to do,” Henry explained, highlighting their ambitious plans. “Start from the top and work your way down. It’s like once you have the shelf at the top of the house done, everything else will fall into place,” he chuckled.

Their old roof, built alongside the house in 1997, had seen better days. Over the years, it had endured significant wear and tear. Persistent leaks and clogged gutters often forced Henry to embark on risky ladder-climbing expeditions. It was high time for a change.

Henry and Noreen approached multiple roofing companies, including Baltic Roofing, which came highly recommended by a trusted neighbor. Unlike the other contractors who provided vague estimates, Baltic presented the couple with a detailed proposal, including transparent costs and a clear timeline.

“It was a very professional presentation, better than anything I’ve seen in any of the trades,” Henry expressed with gratitude, underscoring his preference for well-organized plans. “I do planning for a living and I like everything being spelled out. It was done meticulously.”


Peace of mind is priceless

Henry, known for his frugality, opted for quality over cost and knows he made the right choice.

“It wasn’t the cheapest but I have complete confidence. Definitely worth the money… and I don’t say that lightly.

It was like an army of people that came out! I knew it was done right.”

Today, Henry and Noreen no longer worry about water damage or clogged gutters. Their fresh roof sets the stage for further renovations to potentially put the house on the market in a few years. The elegant Onyx Black asphalt shingles and upgraded Pebblestone Gray gutters should greatly enhance its value, helping Henry reach his goal of getting “top dollar” for the house when the time comes to sell.


Extremely professional. I’m very confident that the job was done right and added value to my home.”
Henry J. Downers Grove, IL

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