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Naperville family thoroughly impressed by Baltic Roofing’s superior products, service and know-how.

It has been nearly three years of significant upgrades to the exterior of Greg and Rebecca’s expansive two-story home in Naperville. Finally, the couple can relax, knowing their home is protected from the top down by the highest quality roof and gutter system.

While their roof had not yet developed any leaks, it had endured two decades of wear and tear. Greg recalled, “It was definitely at the end of its life and needed replacement. We had a couple of shingles come loose during bad weather.” Recognizing the urgency, they decided it was time for a fresh start.

Their journey to replace the roof began with Greg seeking referrals on the neighborhood’s Facebook group. Among the recommendations and testimonials, he came across the name Baltic Roofing. The neighbors spoke highly of Baltic’s top-of-the-line products, customer service, and extensive expertise. Baltic immediately made it to the couple’s shortlist.


Describing their decision-making process, Greg highlighted three reasons why Baltic stood out from the rest: the highest quality shingles, the most industry knowledge, and the best attention to customer needs.

“Of the three bids, you were the only one who actually climbed up into the attic and inspected things,” Greg remarked. “The shingles you guys are using seem to surpass the others.”

In addition, every recommendation from Baltic’s experienced roofing specialists came with a “logistical reason and it was always a choice” which empowered Greg and Rebecca to make an informed decision they could genuinely be content with.

The rich, teak-colored asphalt shingles have breathed new life into their home, complemented by the Pebblestone Gray gutters cascading along the edges. Completely satisfied with their investment, Greg exclaimed,

“It looks great. It definitely gave the house a needed refresh. We’re really happy.”

The installation of their new roof and gutters, along with new windows and siding, ensures that Greg and Rebecca can enjoy the comfort of their home for years to come and take a well-deserved break from renovations. “We’re hoping to lay low with any more upgrades,” Greg shared with a laugh, appreciating the complete transformation of their home and supportive experience with Baltic Roofing.


It's been four months and I'm very happy with the new roof and gutters. To add, Darius provided support while I am working with a siding company to replace the siding. His recommendations for the handling of the soffit and fascia were an important part of the planning and I appreciated his willingness to offer his time to discuss that with me. Choosing Baltic has rewarded us with a positive experience.
Greg P. Naperville, IL

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