La Grange Park Roof Replacement

Seamless switch

Happy homeowners in La Grange Park put their trust in a new roofing company and experience a much-needed “breath of fresh air.”

Tony, an avid motorcycle enthusiast who loves long-distance trips to visit his out-of-state grandkids, now rides with peace of mind knowing that his La Grange Park home is protected by a roof installed with care and expertise.

With their old roof badly damaged and more than 15 years old, Tony and Connie knew it was time to seek professional help. The “roof was not in the best shape and probably worse than I thought,” Tony described. Powerful storms had caused significant wear and exposure, sending many shingles flying across the yard.

Unfortunately, Tony and Connie were immediately disappointed when their usual roofer declined additional work. They wanted someone trustworthy either through previous experience or a reliable recommendation. “I like using people that I’ve used before and I really didn’t know anybody,” Tony explained.

So Tony and Connie turned to the internet for a trustworthy recommendation and quickly discovered Baltic Roofing. The company’s outstanding online reviews seemed “almost too good to be true!” Tony laughed. Intrigued, he decided to pay Baltic Roofing a visit in person to ensure they were “the real deal.” And they were.


Building trust anew

The Baltic team’s attention to detail and straightforward approach on pricing quickly earned Tony’s trust and respect. Throughout the roof replacement process, communication was seamless. Tony called the office with questions and quickly developed a friendly rapport with the staff. “I was practically on a first name basis with the ladies in the office! You always make me smile,” Tony said.

Tony and Connie are overjoyed with the results.

Their new Amber-colored asphalt shingle roof stands out in the neighborhood and the experience has restored their “faith in humanity” proving that honesty, integrity, and quality still exist in the world.

“Customer service these days is nonexistent so dealing with you guys was a breath of fresh air,” Tony said gratefully. Baltic Roofing is “one of the few places that does what they say they’ll do. Thanks for doing such a great job. We love you guys.”

When it comes to your roofing needs, put your faith in a new and reliable company, just like Tony and Connie did. Baltic Roofing simplifies the process of switching roofers by offering clear and effective communication every step of the way.


If you're looking for a roofing expert for an inspection, repair or installation, look no further. Baltic is the best and the total package. They replaced our roofs and we are extremely satisfied - from the initial phone call, to the inspection, to the sales consult, to the finished product and clean up. They were with us and had it covered every step of the way. The entire staff we dealt with were responsive, thorough, and professional - customer service second to none. All questions were answered and every detail covered. Great folks to do business with and a great experience. On top of all this, they provide a warranty second to none. Give them a call. You won't be disappointed. They will put a smile on your face!
Tony W. La Grange Park, IL

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