Villa Park Roof Replacement

From panic to peace

A retiree in Villa Park is now resting easy, free from the constant worry of rainwater seeping into her living room.

Dace, a retired resident in Villa Park, found herself in a state of constant worry due to a major leak in her living room whenever it rained. Seeking a solution, she turned to a trusted friend from church, who wholeheartedly recommended Baltic Roofing.

Recalling her constant anxiety, Dace shared, “Every time it rained, I would panic about what was happening on my roof, especially because it was in my living room.”

Determined to address her roofing woes, she contacted Baltic Roofing and received an instant estimate for a new roof and gutters, which immediately instilled a sense of relief in her. “I didn’t feel like I had to look for anybody else,” feeling grateful to have found an honest and straightforward company who was upfront about the cost and schedule.


Content and comfortable

Dace’s home in Villa Park now stands as a testament to Baltic Roofing’s craftsmanship, boasting a striking and well-protected exterior. The choice of Quarry Gray asphalt shingles, nicely complemented by pristine white gutters, has transformed her home and garage into a sight of modern elegance.

The combination not only offers reliable protection but also enhances the overall aesthetics, leaving a lasting impression on all who pass by.

Today Dace has rediscovered solace and security in her home and is no longer burdened by the fear of rainstorms wreaking havoc on her living room. The new roof and gutters also have the potential to add value to the home if she ever decides to sell and relocate closer to family in Colorado. “I’m very pleased,” Dace shared happily. “Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Dace’s experience is a reminder that a roofing company’s impact extends beyond fixing leaks; it restores peace of mind and enhances the value of homes for years to come.


I am very satisfied with the quality of work completed on my roof and gutters!
Dace P. Villa Park, IL

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