Palos Heights Roof Replacement

Loyalty rewarded

A couple on the move finds trust and quality in Baltic Roofing, once again.

In the picturesque community of Palos Heights, empty nesters Dave and Barbara are enjoying the comfort and security of their brand new home and a newly replaced roof.

Their decision to relocate from Lockport, a distance of approximately 15 miles, was driven mainly by their desire to be extra prudent with finances by saving on taxes and bills. However, before fully embracing their fresh start, an essential task awaited them — an assessment of their new home’s roof. Already familiar with the exceptional service offered by Baltic, thanks to a previous roof replacement in their Lockport home, Dave and Barbara had high expectations.

Seeking multiple bids for the project, the money-mindful couple carefully considered their options. Although Baltic Roofing’s bid wasn’t the cheapest, Dave and Barbara found themselves drawn to the company’s trustworthiness and proven track record. Dave expressed that he had “the most confidence that the job would be done. I like dealing with your company. I trust the advice.”

Upon engaging Baltic’s skilled team, they were swiftly informed about the dire state of their roof, described as “pretty far gone” and in need of immediate replacement before the approaching change in seasons. Wasting no time, roofing specialists sprung into action and finished the project in a single day. To Dave and Barbara’s delight, their sturdy and sleek new roof was ready before they had even unpacked!


Cozy has a new color

Adding to the allure of this inviting brick bungalow, asphalt shingles in an earthy teak color bestow a touch of warmth and charm. By entrusting Baltic Roofing with their roofing needs for the second time, now in their new home, Dave and Barbara reaffirm their belief that investing in superior quality and service brings long-term benefits and peace of mind.

“We’re extremely happy with it, and we plan on staying here for the foreseeable future,”

Dave said with gratitude. Through their commitment to excellence, Dave and Barbara have made an investment that will stand the test of time and bring a sense of security for this exciting new chapter in life.


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