Joliet Roof Replacement

Leak-free living

New homeowner in Joliet discovers the joy of working with roofers who take time to care.

Nuria, a new homeowner in Joliet, was faced with a frustrating problem — multiple leaks coming from the roof of her newly purchased property. To make matters worse, the gutters were showing serious signs of distress. Realizing the urgency of the situation, she decided to seek professional help.

Unfortunately, finding a reliable roofing company proved to be a challenge, at first. Nuria contacted numerous roofers who dismissed her questions and concerns. The lack of information and follow-up felt overwhelming. After all, replacing a roof is a big deal and “I had a lot of questions,” she said. Many companies “just give you a quote and they never really follow up.”

Nuria’s search soon led her to Baltic Roofing who instantly took customer care to a whole new level. The Baltic team went the extra mile to address all of Nuria’s inquiries. They patiently explained the condition of her roof, including the gutters, soffit, extensions, and dormers.

Throughout the project, Nuria said communication from the Baltic team was “excellent”, which brought her peace of mind and a feeling of confidence in the process. They meticulously examined the roof, taking pictures and documenting the areas that needed attention.


“A huge change”

Nuria’s new roof and gutters are nothing short of transformative. The repairs have been executed flawlessly, and she no longer worries about leaks. It is an immense relief and weight off her shoulders.

“The roof looks beautiful!” she exclaimed. Onyx Black asphalt shingles create a sense of sophistication while pristine white gutters provide a clean and fresh aesthetic.

The two colors create an elegant contrast that “made a huge change” to the overall appearance of the home.

Grateful for the professionalism, attention to detail, and quality workmanship demonstrated by the Baltic Roofing team, Nuria expressed her heartfelt appreciation. “I appreciate the hard work. Kudos to them!”

At Baltic Roofing, we believe that all customers deserve clear answers and guidance. We’re here to help you feel knowledgeable and confident from start to finish. Just ask Nuria: No question is too small!


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