Downers Grove Roof Replacement

Peace of mind

Seniors in Downers Grove are feeling “confident” in their new, high quality roof.

Downers Grove residents Don and Eve are relishing their golden years in a home with a superior quality roof, providing them with peace, tranquility, and minimal maintenance.

With their aging roof surpassing the two-decade mark, Don, in his mid-eighties, sought a stress-free solution. He shared, “I don’t want to mess around with anything in the future that I couldn’t handle. It was a good time to do it.”

Having heard positive feedback about Baltic Roofing from a neighbor, Don reached out for an estimate and immediately recognized the added value in their proposal. Despite a higher price, the inclusion of an attic fan system instilled extra confidence. He remarked, “Your price was a bit higher but includes a system where I don’t have to worry about an attic fan. I knew they’d do a good job.”


“I feel confident”

Throughout the project, meticulous attention to detail and effective communication from Baltic’s team of roofing experts ensure a seamless and satisfying experience. Keeping a clean worksite makes a huge difference too, Don said.

Today, Don and Eve are enjoying the assurance of an exceptional roof built to withstand the elements.

The sophisticated-looking estate gray asphalt shingles not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of their home but also provide lasting protection. Don expressed his contentment by saying, “I feel confident. It’s an excellent roof.”

With their new roof, Don and Eve can enjoy their golden years with peace of mind and the lasting beauty of a top-notch roof overhead. Don happily added, “I was surprised by the gift of the cutting board. I appreciate it!”


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