Bridgeview Roof Replacement

Brighter days ahead

A roof done right, and fast, for energy-conscious retirees in Bridgeview.

Bridgeview retirees, Frank and Beatrice, have discovered a newfound sense of security and excitement for the future. A brand-new roof on their cozy corner lot home has paved the way for a solar panel transformation.

Roofing projects, when mishandled, can bring about stress and inconvenience, particularly for senior citizens like Frank and Beatrice, who reside in the charming village of Bridgeview.

“The roof I had up there was never put up right,” Frank said of his previous roofing troubles. The urgency for a roof replacement was further fueled by the constant loss of shingles and, most importantly, their impending solar panel renovation.


The couple turned to the expert team at Baltic Roofing for a swift and effective solution at a fair price. Sometimes “you just have to get it done,” Frank chuckled. True to their word, the skilled roofers completed the entire house and garage in a matter of hours, leaving Frank and Beatrice thoroughly impressed. “They were fast. They did a good job.”

Sturdy asphalt shingles in a distinct Brownwood color add even more appeal to this inviting character home.

With a reliable and secure new roof now in place, Frank and Beatrice eagerly await reaping the benefits of a more sustainable and energy-conscious lifestyle.

“It’ll be better as soon as I can get the solar going,” Frank remarked, brimming with satisfaction for his new roof and anticipation for the positive impact solar panels will bring to their lives.


Baltic Roofing!!! I highly recommend this company for a roof replacement! they did a ultimate job!!!! they did a tear off! and replacement in like 6 hours! house and garage! they replaced vents ! it looks great! and price! better then other estimates! and the owner came out to inspect the job when it was complete!!!!!
Frank W. Bridgeview, IL

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